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Presentation Instructions

Oral And Poster Instructions For Presenting Authors

Oral presentations

  1. Presentations will be 13 minutes with a joint Q&A following each session. The conference program is full, so presenters are requested to present in a timeously manner. Two minutes for rotation of speakers and the session chair’s introduction is allocated to each session – total session time will therefore be 15 minutes).
  2. All speakers are requested to have their presentations available on a memory (USB) stick.
  3. A technician will be available at the Registration desk to assist speakers to download their presentations.
  4. All presenters are requested to present themselves 15 minutes prior to their session at Conference room to familiarize themselves with the audio-visual equipment.
  5. Authors presenting on Monday, 5 September 2022 during the first session must download their presentations on Sunday, 4 September during the Welcome Function.
  6. Authors presenting Tuesday and Wednesday must download their presentations during the morning or afternoon tea/coffee breaks, at least one day prior to their presentations.

Poster presentations

  1. Authors are requested to place their posters on the poster panels during Registration/Welcome Function on Sunday, 4 September 2022 between 5pm and 7pm when registration will also be open.
  2. All posters must be removed at the end of the conference on Wednesday7 September 2022. The organizers will take no responsibility for posters that remain up after their allotted time.
  3.   Authors must please ensure that they are available to discuss their poster during the poster sessions.

Poster Dimensions

  1. Poster panels are white styrene panels and the posters must be in portrait orientation and be made up to size A0 (1200 x 850 mm – maximum size to fit the poster panel).
  2. Posters will be affixed to the panels by double sided tape which will be supplied by the Organizers on site.

The organisers will prepare poster panels by affixing the poster number to the top of each panel as listed in the abstract book that will be handed out on site.

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